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    Suzanne Kelman Producer/Director Goody2productions is an Amazon International Best-Selling author and a multi-award-winning screenwriter and playwright. She is the author of The Rejected Writers' Book Club and Rejected Writers Take the Stage, published by Lake Union Publishing, as the Southlea Bay series.


    As well as being an author, Suzanne is also a film producer, director, and screenwriter. Her film accolades include The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - Nicholl Fellowship Finalist 2015, Best Comedy Feature Screenplay, L.A. International Film Festival, Gold Award, California Film Awards and the Van Gogh Award from the Amsterdam Film Festival.


    Born in the United Kingdom, her comedic writing voice has been described as a perfect blend of Janet Evanovich and Debbie Macomber. Suzanne now resides on a beautiful island in Washington State which is the perfect environment for bringing great stories to life.



  • Film Projects 

    Our Father

    Co-Producer - Runaway Productions - Los Angeles, CA

    IMDB Page

    Our Father - Winner of 50+ awards


    Logline: In a fleeting moment of clarity, an estranged father suffering from late stage dementia, reveals to his son secrets that begin to heal a broken family.


    Goody 2 Productions

    Producer/Director/Screenwriter - Goody2 Productions - Seattle,   

    IMDB Page

    Maggie the Brave -

    Won the L.A. Movie Hatch Competition

    Won the L.A United Film Festival


    Logline: A self-absorbed hypochondriac trades in her meds for disco boots when she agrees to become a dancing queen for a Travolta “wannabe” and, in exchange, he helps her fool the authorities into believing he is her husband.

    Dervan Productions

    Associate Producer - Devan Productions - Los Angeles, CA.

    IMDB Page

    Collaborated with team leadership and other key stakeholders in promotions and social media.


    Logline: Katie and Dan are in a long distance relationship but when a catastrophic event knocks out all technology, they must find a way across oceans and land to be with each other at the end of the world.


    All Things Hidden Productions 

    All things Hidden Productions - Seattle

    IMDB Page


    Logline: A woman struggles with her past when she visits her childhood home. All Things Hidden is an inspiring film on domestic violence uniquely told from little girl's POV.


    Soldier Monkey Productions

    Executive Producer - Writer of Alternate Ending

    Devan Productions - Los Angeles, C.A.


    Logline: Love can overcome anything...or can it?





    IMDB Page


    A short film about how the ones we love are not always who we think they are.



    On the Set of Maggie The Brave 













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    Maggie the Brave (Comedy)

    A self-absorbed hypochondriac trades in her meds for disco boots when she agrees to become a dancing queen for a Travolta “wannabe” and, in exchange, he helps her fool the authorities into believing he is her husband.


    Winner of Best Comedy Screenplay - Los Angeles International Film Festival (2011)

    Los Angeles Film Awards - Winner (2011)
    Winner Move Hatch Competition - Los Angeles (2011)

    Final Draft Big Break Award - Quarter Finalist (2010)

    Fade In Magazine - Quarter Finalist (2011)
    Los Angeles Film and Script Festival - Honorable Mention (2010)
    SkyFest IV - Honorable Mention (2010)


    Maggie the Brave has been optioned twice.



    Held (Drama)

    In war-torn Nazi-occupied Holland, a reclusive professor deliberately contracts a deadly disease to save the life of a hidden Jewish Student.

    Academy of Motions Picture Nicholl Fellowship - Finalist (2015)

    Page - Screenwriting Competion - Finalist (2015)

    Academy of Motions Picture Nicholl Fellowship - Semi - Finalist (2015)

    Austin Film Festival - Semi-Finalist (2015)

    Amsterdam Film Festival - Van Gogh Award (2012)

    California Film Awards - Gold Award Winner (2012)

    Outstanding American Screenplay - Sacramento Film Festival (2012)

    Beverley Hill International Film Festival - Finalist (2012)
    Final Draft Big Break Award - Semi Finalist (2012)

    Official Selection - George Lindsey Film Festival (2012)

    Love Unlimited Film Festival Best of Fest Award in Scripts (Historical Category) (2012)

    Love Unlimited Film Festival People's Choice Award in Scripts (Historical Category) (2012)

    Love Unlimited Film Festival Script Reading Exhibition Award in Scripts (Historical Category) (2012)


    Illusion (Action/Adventure)

    An eccentric investigator pursues a brilliant thief who uses optical illusions to disappear from his crime scenes - and inadventanly finds the keys to the disappearance to his own illusionist father decades before.

    Script-A-thon - Winner - Best Script In Competition (2012)

    Script-A-thon - Winner - Comedy (2012)
    100 Screenplays Competition - Second Place (2013)

    Writer on a Storm - Quarter Finalist (2013)

    Violet Skye (Thriller)

    A self-absorbed socialite falls in love while trying to come to terms with the demons of her past, and has to flee for her life when she uncovers an assassination conspirarcy on the eve of WWII.


    Collision (Thriller)


    A Boeing 747 and Air Force One are locked onto a disastrous collision course, the only person who can save them, a blackmailed Muslim Boeing engineer compelled to keep them on their perilous trajectory.

    Screenwriting Festival - Finalist - (2018)

    Final Draft

    Over My Dead Body (Farce - Stage Script)

    An out of work actor's career hits an all time low when he scores the part of playing a dead body on stage - until he meets his understudy, he plays dead bodies for living and will do anything to get that part - even if that means… murdering the corpse!

    2015 Writer Digest Winner

  • Bloopers and Outtakes from Maggie the Brave 


    Screenwriting U - Proseries 43

     Screenwriting Pro Series 

    Activities: Studied all aspects of creating a professional screenplay. 

    The ProSeries is the flagship of the ScreenwritingU courses - a 6-month, intensive, online Master-class for those absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed in Hollywood.


    Robin Swicord

     Screenwriting Workshop  

    Robin Swicord wrote the screenplay for the film Memoirs of a Geisha,  Her other screenplay credits include Little Women, Practical Magic, Matilda, The Perez Family, and Shag. She also collaborated with Eric Roth on the screen adaptation of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, based on the short story of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    Pilar Alessandra

    Screenwriting Classes

    PILAR ALESSANDRA is the director of the popular writing program “On The Page” and author of “The Coffee Break Screenwriter.”  As a consultant, Pilar has helped thousands of writers create, refine and sell their scripts and was named “Cream of the Crop” in Creative Screenwriting’s Script Consultant Survey. Her students and clients have sold to Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers and Sony and have won prestigious competitions, including the Austin Film Festival and Nicholl Fellowship.

    Robert McKee

     Story Seminar

    Robert McKee, is a creative writing instructor who is widely known for his popular "Story Seminar", which he developed when he was a professor at the University of Southern California.

    Betty Fox Stage School Birmingham, England

    Dance/Theatre Studies

    Activities: Musical Theatre, Ballet, Tap Dancing, Jazz, acting.

    Worked at the Alexandra Theatre in Birminghan on shows with Arthur Askey, Anita Harris, Barbara Windsor, Leslie Crowther, Ken Dodd, Terry Scott, Bernard Breslaw, Tommy Trinder, Ronnie Hilton and Mark Wynters.  

    Pattersons College - Coventry, England 

     Dance/Theatre Studies 

    Pattison College was established in 1949 by Betty Pattison to provide full time education for talented pupils wishing to make a career of the theatre. Studied included Acting, Greek Dance, Character Dance, Ballet, Tap, Elocution and Poetry.

  • The Most Interesting Man on Whidbey….with Bloopers and Outtakes. 

  • Recommandations

     Lesley McConnell   

    Communications & Business Consultant 

    "Suzanne Kelman is a first-rate screenplay instructor who not only teaches the rudiments of professional screenplay development, she delivers it with aplomb! She's a force of nature who's teaching employs a variety of learning tools for many learning styles — printed materials and take-home sheets, visual images to illustrate the learning, group discussion and lively, supportive critique. I'm taking her class a second time and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants that nudge to get started, or support to just keep going to the finish."

    Rose Woods

    Artistic Director, Writer.

    Suzanne Kelman is a force of nature as a writer. Whether it be novels or her award winning screenplays, she has a special gift for bringing characters to vivid, evocative life. She creates a world with her words and draws the reader in with both her fall-out-of-your-chair-laughing comedy or keep you on the edge of your seat with dramatic tension so taut, that it feels as if it will snap if you look away.

    Eric Mulholland

    Director, Actor, Writer

    Working with Suzanne Kelman is pure joy. I've had the distinct pleasure of being in the room with her as an actor and co-writer on past projects. I highly regard her ability to create a dynamic, creative and thoroughly enjoyable work environment. As a director, she is clear and consistent with a sharp eye for comedy - I trust her instincts completely. As a writer, she gives ample space for the creative process to flow while possessing editorial skills to distill a story to its essence. Whenever an opportunity to work with Ms. Kelman presents itself, I jump at the chance!

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